Who We Are

My name is Fanny and I am a student here. Coming originally from Hamburg, I already was a north-German before coming to this city, but it was not until I moved to Kiel that I fully understood what it really meant to live this northern spirit. People here are very proud of their culture thus could appear a bit distant or even arrogant at first sight. Nevertheless, I felt very welcome when I arrived in this city and since it was my first time to move away from home, the people’s support really helped me to settle down. I learned to love this town as much as the locals do and I am truly glad to live so close to the sea.

I have been a freelance journalist for the local newspaper since the age of 17. Now as a 23-year-old, I am studying Public Relations at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel. Born in the city of Rendsburg I have been living in the region around the capital of Schleswig-Holstein my entire life and I am not planning on leaving any time soon. My free time is dictated by doing sport, primarily playing and watching the most popular kind of sport in Germany – football. I am also interested in many other kinds of sport, constantly searching for new thrilling experiences every day.

Hej, my name is Liz, and I moved to Kiel six years ago for the water and the sports connected to it. Once you give Kiel a chance, despite the weather,  you will be inspired and feel comfortable over here. I fell in love with this student city with all its cafés and friendly Nordic people. And of course, because of all the great sailing and windsurf spots, where I like to hang out especially during summer when it barely gets dark at night. Spending a chilled Sunday walking along the beach and getting a good fish roll in Schilksee, reminds me always of how lucky we are to live in the city where people come and spend their holidays.

Hey there, I am Finnja and a 20-year old Kieler newbie. I came to Kiel to study public relations and settled in quite quickly. Born in Oldenburg I should be used to this rainy and chilly weather but I still struggle with Kiels low sunlight. My insider advice is to not trust a sunny and cloudless morning I hope you really enjoy your journey to Kiel.

I am a 24-year-old girl from Oslo, Norway, studying multimedia production in Kiel as an exchange student. My favourite hobbies are watching Netflix and travelling. One of my life goals is to see all parts of the world.

Moin Moin! As a born and bred Rendsburger, I’m studying Multimedia Production in Kiel. Additionally I am working as a photographer and writer for the sports department of a local newspaper. Through that I turned some of my hobbies into a profession. Another huge part of my life is my passion for music, which is probably why I like to go out a lot and know a thing or two about the nightlife in Kiel and its surrounds.

My name is Chantal and I study public relations and corporate communication. I care a lot about details and good food and when I start writing, it’s hard for me to come to an end. Being a passionate shopper I have early discovered Kiel’s potential in this field, even though the city may not seem to have any potential at all when it comes to shopping. When leading fashion brands like ZARA decided to close their doors in this beautiful town, all they left behind was a big hole in the city centre and people, who were clueless about where to get the latest fashion finds from now on. But Kiel recovered and I’m here to show you!

My name is Rica, I am 25 years old and studying Public Relations at the FH Kiel. What makes life in Kiel so comfortable for me is the fact that the beach is just a stone’s throw away. As I love doing different kinds of activities connected to the beach like playing beach volleyball or having a good swim during summer, Kiel is for me the perfect city to live in.

Hello there, I’m Thi, a Vietnamese student, who majors in Public Relations and has lived in Kiel for one and a half year. Kiel is exactly my kind of city because of its size, its location, and its attractiveness: not too big, not too small, near the sea and cool temperatures throughout the year. I personally like discovering secret corners in Kiel for myself, since I often spend time walking and besides, noticing myself interesting sights. When I started working in the project about Kiel, I’m happy to share my experiences to everyone, who takes Kiel into considering or is already on the way to visit this beautiful, marine, North German city.

Studying Multimedia Production, like I do, offers a great opportunity figure out what ones want to do in the media world. I like to create websites and applications for smartphones. When I´m not programming I spend my time outside at parks or beaches. Kiel is a great place to live if you know how.

I’m Liv. Australian. Writer. Teacher. Mum. Continuously bastardising the German language and complaining about the weather. I write about making a home, being foreign, culture, where I come from, where I am, and ze Germans. I always get my articles wrong, but have figured out if I say ‘deeerrr’ fast enough, the Germans don’t know if I mean ‘die’ or ‘der’. That just leaves me with ‘das’, which I save for special occasions.