Boutique Shopping

Kiel’s streets have a lot to offer. If you are looking for individual fashion or accessories, highquality
kitchen supplies and furniture, or just a small gift for a friend you should consider
strolling through Holtenauer Straße, Knooper Weg, and the streets around.

Holtenauer Straße is, with a length of more than four kilometres, one of Kiel’s longest streets5.
Starting from Dreiecksplatz you will find more than 200 individual shops and restaurants, mostly
far away from big retail chains, with personal contact to staff and time for a chat in between.
The first few hundred metres of the Holtenauer are roofed and called „Die Arkaden“. From
clothes and shoes to beauty and interior they offer more than 35 shops which invite you to go
shopping outdoors even when it is raining6. But also the other parts of the street should be
visited in all weathers.
In the Holtenauer you will find shops for every budget, every age, and literally everyone.
Restaurants and cafés let you have small breaks from shopping and the atmosphere makes you
forget the big number of kilometres you have already left behind.
Even when the shops are closed: the Holtenauer is not.

  • Shops like Volution Sports and Sneaxs offer a great selection of especially sneakers and sporty
  • At Stilfrei and Kaufrausch you will find home accessories, special gifts and all the things that
    are not really necessary but still somehow needed.
  • Those who are into shoes and fashion should visit Küstenmädchen, LOOK, Joyas and OGGI
  • Interior design can be found at Husens and Matters (Gneisenaustraße).

Good to know:

  • Every first Friday of a month the „Spätschicht“-event invites you to go shopping until 10pm,
    with great offers and lots of music.
  • Once in a year in summer the „White Night“ takes place on Holtenauer Straße, where
    everything is decorated in white and people wear white clothes and picnic along the street.

How to get there?

  • Especially from the main station a lot of buses go to Dreiecksplatz and through Holtenauer
    Straße. Line 11 takes you to every station from the beginning to the end and line 60S stops at
    some of the most important places before heading towards university.

Knooper Weg is parallel to Holtenauer Straße and one of Kiel’s main streets. Starting from
Exerzierplatz you will find yourself on Holtenauer again after having made your way through
Knooper Weg.
Like on Holtenauer Straße you will find many small and individual shops and restaurants here.
Hot spots like Schrevenpark and Kiel’s party streets are just a stone’s throw away and in some
parts of the area you will notice influences of the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design,
which is also located on Knooper Weg.

  • Those who love furniture and home accessories will find lovely antique pieces at Hoek &
    Hildebrandt and Scandinavian design at Room.
  • Artists and those who would love to be one should not hesitate to go to Boesner, on the
    opposite of the Muthesius University.
  • Porcelain, from dishes to decoration, can be found at Abendroth Porzellan.
  • For typically Swedish home accessories and other Nippes (German for trinkets) you should
    visit Carl Gustaf (Möllingstraße), where all pieces are carefully chosen by the owners7.

How to get there?

  • Lines 50 & 51 go through Knooper Weg from the main station.
  • From Dreiecksplatz Knooper Weg is just a short walk away when cutting through Mittelstraße
    or Lehmberg.

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