Kiel is well known for sailing and everything maritime, but that is not the only thing you should remember your trip to the (real) north by. Our town has to offer a variety of cultural venues that have something in stall for everybody. Whether you are interested in dance, theatre and musical, or more of a museum kind of person, you will find your cultural satisfaction here somewhere.
Since Kiel is overall a very young and hip – some might call it “hipster-like” – town, there are, of course, small and special venues that give a stage to the “everyman”. From newcomer concerts to poetry slam and impro-theatre, you can find every kind of stage art that you could possibly think of.
Due to this young and trendy mentality, inde-films are a big thing here in Kiel. Several independent cinemas give you the opportunity to watch movies outside of the ordinary Hollywood film industry. With a lot of cosy bars or cafes included in the movie theatre, these cinemas create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the perfect movie night.

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