When you are walking through the streets of Kiel you will discover food stores from all over the
world. Even though the city is not as big as other ones that are known as melting pots, it still is
quite international.
You may not hear up to seven different languages during a bus ride, but you will realise the
influences of immigrants at many corners of Kiel and the cityscape is still not only characterised
by immigrants, but rather by Kielers themselves.
Like the great number of regional restaurants or those from distant lands, you will find food
markets that sell exclusively regional food or ones that offer goods from Asia or Africa.
So pay attention to your surroundings: the next interesting shop can be closer than expected!

  • You want to live more sustainably and care about the environment? Unverpackt
    (Adelheidstraße) might be the right thing for you then. It literally means unpacked, so do not
    forget your jars!
  • You want to support local producers and care about where your food comes from? Go to
    Tante Suse (Adalbertstraße) or visit The Food Assembly at mmhioCafé (Knooper Weg) on
    Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm (Remember that you have to order your goods online8
  • You do not just drink beer, you enjoy it? Brewcomer (Stiftstraße) offers craft beer in all
  • You love everything from sushi to glass noodles? One of our Asia shops will be the right thing
    for you. Selling everything from Asia and also Africa, you will find fresh fruits and vegetables
    just like 10kg bags of basmati rice. Bigger shops are located on Fleethörn and Bergstraße and
    a smaller one right in Sophienhof.
  • You are not only into tapas but into everything edible that comes from Spain? Sotos Mercado
    (Knooper Weg) will be your shop!
  • You are a fan of Middle Eastern food? Just head to Sultan Markt (Eckernförderstraße or
    Elisabethstraße) or Food Plaza (Sophienblatt).
  • You love supermarkets, but you want something special? Schlemmermarkt Freund
    (Holtenauer Straße) and CITTI Markt (in CITTI Park, Mühlendamm) offer everything from everyday-
    groceries to real delicacies and it will take a looong time for food-lovers to escape…

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