Thrift Shopping & Antique Shops

People in Kiel love thrift shopping. Sustainable and individual, buying second-hand clothes and
accessories is a thing for those who do not want to follow the crowd and like to save money
while shopping.
Kiel is full of thrift and antique shops, so you will definitely find what you are looking for – from a
simple pullover to a vintage Louis Vuitton bag.

  • Named after its concept, at Kilo Laden the prices are based on the weight of the things you
    choose. One shop is located on Sophienblatt and the other one next to Exerzierplatz.
  • Luxury brands and high quality second hand clothes can be found at Lively Live (Lange Reihe)
    and La Certa (Rathausstraße).
  • Want to sell or buy things without having to wait for the next flea market? At Kunde zu Kunde
    (Gutenbergstraße) you can sell and buy objects like you can do at a market, just without the
  • When looking for items for yourself or a little gift you should consider going to Der
    Heimathafen (Schülperbaum), where you can also get wine and craft beer, or to Diderot
    (Gutenbergstraße) for books and pictures.
    Vintage furniture has become a thing over the last few years. Interior pieces from other decades
    often tell a special story and make a place feel more personal and individual.
    Also people from Kiel love old furniture like they love Scandinavian design. You will find several
    antique shops in and around the city which offer a great variety of furniture and home
    accessories from other times.
  •  Hoek & Hildebrandt (Knooper Weg) is a must-visit when you are looking for vintage furniture,
    accessories, and a cup of coffee in between.
  • Midcentury furniture can be found at Ella von Gruen (Schauenburger Straße) and if you have
    already bought what you were looking for, but it still needs a little makeover, you can even
    rent some space and get creative. The owners also offer several workshops around furniture.
  • A very popular place is the Antikhof Bissee, where you will find vintage furniture and a
    restaurant on an old farm (located between Kiel and Neumünster). A similar shop, the
    Antikscheune Elmschenhagen, is a little closer to the city centre, located in Kiel-

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